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Search for something you forgot: If a part of your search is unknown or forgotten, you can use Google to fill in the blanks. It can also be used to answer simple question such as searching for: Pour cela, sous vos sous dossiers, cliquez sur "Plus": Cela vous ouvre les sous dossiers, parmi lesquels le dossier "Corbeille".

Cliquez donc sur le dossier "Corbeille". The first thing to do when you realize that you have deleted your file accidentally is to STOP using your computer completely. Don't even reboot your computer. The more you use your computer the higher chances of that file being overwritten. There are different ways to possibly recover your files: Now not all these recovery methods are always successful, but it's better taking a crack tenter, essayer at it than not attempting anything at all.

Here's why. The operating system will be available as a free update to Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8. There's a lot to be excited about with Windows The update adds numerous improvements to the operating system, such as the Cortana voice assistant, DirectX 12, Xbox One game streaming and of course, the return of the Start button. Not to mention a handful of bug fixes and security enhancements, too. While these features may sound great, there are a few reasons why you may not want to hold off on upgrading right away.

Here's why: Incompatible programs Is there a program you frequently rely on for work or personal use? I still use Photoshop 7 from time to time, which was released way back in The last thing you want to do is upgrade, only to find yourself not being able to get your work done. While a majority of users probably won't run into any issues, those who still rely on an old pre-Windows 7 program should check with the software provider to ensure compatibility.

Incompatible hardware This may also be the case with certain peripherals, such as a printer or scanner. You will likely be required to download a new driver for the device to work properly. You should check with the manufacturer to ensure that support will be continued with Windows Gamers who plan to upgrade to Windows 10 Home have another potential problem: There is no way to disable the feature, meaning that once Microsoft pushes new drivers, bug fixes and security updates, you get them right away.

This is great for the average user, but it could cause some headaches for gamers. In the past, small updates to the Windows operating system could sometimes cause compatibility issues with the graphics drivers gamers download from Nvidia and AMD. Hard-core gamers may be inclined to explore upgrading to Windows 10 Pro, which will give you more flexibility on installing small updates and patches.

Bugs Whether they are crawling on the ground or in our software, no one is a fan of bugs. Early adopters and developers have been testing Windows 10 for the past nine months, but similar to the release of a new update for your iPhone or Android device, it's inevitable that some bugs will slide through the cracks. While it's unlikely for anything major to be prevalent, small bugs could affect how some programs and features function.

Bottom line If any of these possible problems make you uncomfortable, you may be better off waiting a few weeks, or even a couple of months, before upgrading to Windows This is especially true if you plan on upgrading your primary computer or one you may use for work. Microsoft's free Windows 10 promotion is available until , so there's no rush to update. Sometimes it's even better to wait for the first patch to fix some of the initial bugs. You will find this option in the Windows 10 Settings app under Recovery. Gmail , Outlook ex Hotmail , YahooMail Site et Page Facebook: That means that the data is still on your hard drive or external drive, and programs like Recuva can search and recover the data unless it has been overwritten — then you need to take it to a lab.

If you recently deleted a file by accident, Recuva will be able to find it and restore it. Une amende de Est-ce un O ou un D? Probably everyone with a portable device has once been connected to a public WiFi network: It is not advisable to use open WiFi networks in public places. If these networks are used, work or financial related activities should better be avoided.

VPN, a virtual private network. This allows users to set up, within the Wi-Fi network, an encrypted tunnel to a server that they trust. Do that, and your Internet traffic will first be encrypted and sent to that server of the VPN provider or at your home before it goes to the Internet. There is a great variety of VPN providers. Some offer paid services, such as vpntunnel. Others are free, such as proxpn. There are also VPN apps available for various operating systems.

The most important advice given by experts: If possible, remove the Wi-Fi networks from your settings and switch off the option of remembering networks you connected to. There is absolutely no reason to pay for any optimizing program.

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Many are scams and do more harm than good. I do highly recommend the premium version of Malwarebytes if you want real time protection. The combination of these utilities can keep a system running at its peak. It doesn't take long for junk and temporary files to build up and affect performance. The same goes for anti-virus software. Several of the free programs, namely Avast and Avira, provide as good, if not better protection, than the ones that come preloaded on computers and are more well known. Again, I won't name names. Be aware that certain so-called optimizing programs are basically infections in their own right and definitely do more harm than good.

Many are almost impossible to get rid of as they bury deep into the system. Be very diligent in choosing the ones for you. Sharon Profis, www. There are plenty of scenarios where they simply log in, send out a mass email to your contacts, and move on to the next victim. Other types, however, will change your password to stave you off. In that case, the first thing you should do is regain access to your account. Just use the standard "Forgot your password? For example, check that your secondary recovery email is still accurate.

Vous pourrez rapatrier vos fichiers gratuitement http: Sa recette est simple: Million Short retire automatiquement les premiers , , Exalead, Yandex, Baidu. Open Internet Explorer and click on the "Tools" menu option. If the "Tools" menu option is not visible, press the "Alt" key on your keyboard to display the menu bar. Click on the "Delete Browsing History" option. Check the boxes next to the "Temporary Internet files" and the "Cookies" options. Make sure all other boxes are unchecked. Click on the "Delete" button. If the "Tools" menu is not visible, press the "Alt" key on your keyboard to display the menu bar.

Select the "Delete Browsing History" option. Click on the "Delete files" button next to the "Temporary Internet Files" option. Click "Yes" in the confirmation window. Click on the "Delete cookies" button next to the "Cookies" option. Click "Close. Click on the "Tools" menu option. Click on the "Clear Recent History" option. Change "time range to clear" to "everything. Click on the arrow next to details and mark the checkbox for cookies and cache. Click "OK. Click on the Safari menu. Select the "Reset Safari" option. Check on the boxes next to the "Empty the Cache" and the "Remove all Cookies" options.

Click on the "Reset" button. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the browser. Check the boxes next to the "Empty the Cache" and the "Remove all Cookies" options. Click on the "Reset" button Google Chrome Click on the "Settings" icon 3 horizontal bars, in the upper right hand corner on the browser toolbar. Select the "Tools" option. Select the "Clear browsing data" option. Click on the "Obliterate the following items from" drop down menu and select "the beginning of time. Check the boxes next to the "Delete cookies and other site plug-in data" and the "Empty the cache" options.

Press the "Clear browsing data" button. It's springtime! It's the familiar time to tackle the grime crasse that's built up in our homes over the winter months. You may know all the tricks when it comes to scrubbing, polishing, and organizing your house. Confused when it comes to your PC? Freshen up your computer with our roundup of 11 time-tested cleaning tricks, on the inside and out. There are two aspects to thoroughly clean you PC: There's the physical cleaning, or manually cleaning actual gunk out of your computer, and the digital cleaning, or using tools to get the Windows operating system back in fighting shape after gaining all that holiday weight.

On the Outside Physical Cleaning Tackle cleaning the outside of your PC by taking a look at these four main areas, below. Remember, to be safe, turn off and unplug your computer before cleaning. Your desktop - First and foremost, dust your desktop and workplace area. It's important to do this on a regular basis to keep grime crasse from clogging entraver the air vents behind your PC.

Your monitor - Use a soft cloth and monitor cleaning spray to remove buildup. Your keyboard - Gently turn your keyboard upside down and let loose any dust, crumbs and grime that may have fallen between keys. Use a cotton swab or compressed air for additional cleanup between the keys. Your mouse - Clean the top and bottom of your mouse with a soft cloth, and the inner components with a cotton swab.

Some PC pros recommend slightly dampening your cloth with rubbing alcohol for added cleanliness. If you go this route, be sure not to over-saturate and to thoroughly dry before replacing the mouse cover or components. On the Inside Digital Cleaning The steps necessary to put a shine on the inner workings of your computer. Back up all your important data.

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You could use a program that syncs files with other computers or save them on external hard disks, but the safest way to store your data is on a safe online drive. Update with the latest patches. Check the status of your operating system, security software, and all other applications that you use to ensure that you're up-to-date.

To be in top shape, your computer needs an updated operating system and fully patched programs. Outdated programs are responsible for vulnerabilities and secret entryways into your system, all of which can be used by hackers and malware to compromise your internet security. Or you can save time and effort by having a piece of software known as a vulnerability scanner that automatically detects outdated programs and points you to the necessary updates.

Some internet security suites come with this time-saving tool. Get rid of the clutter amas, confusion in your system. Start with the most visible places — your desktop and the system tray or taskbar in the bottom right corner. Take your time and neatly arrange them into specialized folders. And what about the small icons you see in your taskbar? They all start up when you turn on your computer and that takes time and resources. You need to uninstall them from the Control Panel or using their own uninstall kit.

Reorganize your hard drive. The information you use on your computer every day gets stored onto the hard drive in bits and pieces, wherever it can find a place. This saves valuable time on given tasks, but it does have long-term consequences. When the information gets too disorganized, your computer has to work overtime to find it. Update your software. Clear your cache of temporary files. Every browsing session leaves behind small files in your Temporary Internet Files folder. So you can imagine how, over time, a huge collection of such items can affect your browsing speed and reduce the free space on your hard drive.

You can get rid of them directly from your web browser or you can leave this task to a special tune up tool that comes with some internet security programs. March 28th, http: En , il y en avait 50 millions. En clair, les antivirus ne sont pas la solution. Il faudra trouver autre chose.

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Source 1: Source 2: Almost every week I get an authentic looking message telling me that an update for one program or another is available. Adobe Flash Player seems to be the most frequent. I blindly go ahead and click the Install button, but have become nervous that maybe one day some hacker will replicate the format to disguise an unpleasant surprise that will install something that will ruin my whole system.

How can I be sure that what I'm accepting or installing is the real deal? The best way to upgrade your software is to click out of those notices and 1 go to the "Help" button in the software that is installed on your own computer to search for updates, or 2 go to the software developer's web site for updates.

That way you will avoid the malware. That way I know I am getting it from the legit site You are correct in that the bad guys often pose as legitimate things to fool you into clicking on them. From emails that look like they are coming from a friend to fake warnings from Banks and other financial institutions, it is getting that you cannot trust anything or anyone. Unfortunately, you cannot count on security software to catch these especially if you initiate the install by agreeing to it or by allowing it when the User Account Control pops up.

Unfortunately, the bad guys always seem to be a step ahead of the security software. To date, I have not run into a fake update for Flash, Acrobat, Java or Windows but I suppose it could happen any day now. In the end, your best line of defense is to install all updates manually instead of simply clicking on OK when some popup shows up on your screen. Here is one approach: When you receive a popup that says there is an update from Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java, Windows or any others software simply close the notice and check for updates manually.

Here are the methods for the most common updates: Open your Start menu and click on Control Panel 2. Click on the Flash Player icon 4. Select the Advanced Tab 5. Click on Check Now Note: Click on the Help menu at the top 3. Click on the Java icon 4. Select the Update Tab 5. Click on Update Now Note: Once you find, it simply follow the instructions to locate and install the latest updates for that specific software.

Many updates such as those from Java and Adobe often come packaged with other junk that you may not want. Watch carefully for check boxes that are already check that agree to install a new toolbar or some other piece of free or trial software. Some might recommend not installing updates at all, but this is not a good idea either. Many updates are provided to patch security flaws, which if not performed, can leave you even more at risk. Dana Wayland Computer Source: Les imprimantes: Il est inutile de choisir une imprimante de photos en couleur pour imprimer essentiellement du texte.

En outre, il ne doit pas y avoir de virus actif. Les virus Que sont-ils: Installer un logiciel anti-virus: AVG http: Eric Spichiger de http: Performances optimales: Source mars The software works well if you're running Windows 7 or 8, but does not work with earlier versions of Windows. Google Docs is free.

Qu'est-ce que le format PDF? Pour copier depuis un PDF: Il faut copier dans l'ordre de l'article si 2 colonnes verticales, il faut d'abord aller de haut en bas sur la colonne de gauche. PDF est un format reconnu par la plupart des plateformes informatiques: PC, Mac, Unix, etc. Cette application est gratuite. Ou bien: Ensuite, il faut l'installer.

Cliquer sur OK. Par exemple, si vous avez IE version 6.

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Si, par la suite, vous voulez voir un image particulier, vous cliquez sur l'image avec le bouton droite de la souris puis "Show picture". April 1 Print using black ink only when you don't need color. Buy HP series. On copy paper, the ink soaks into and through the paper, so it doesn't seem "dense" enough for the scanner, which tells the printer to overprint, or send more ink, onto the paper with each pass. On a paper designed for inkjet printers the paper is coated so that the ink can't sink though and dries on the surface, so the scanner sees the printing as being solidly printed and doesn't overprint the page.

Sur Dailymotion. Sur Youtube. Vous pouvez conserver ce document. The image is now temporarily stored in your computer memory. Click the Start button on your computer. Click on the Paint application. This will bring up the Microsoft Paint program. You may need to maximize the window when it comes up. Once the program has loaded, click on the Edit menu at the top and press paste. Alternatively, you can press the "Ctrl-V" combination on your keyboard to paste the screenshot into Paint.

Click on "File" at the top of the program or the floppy-disk icon for Windows 7 and select the "Save As" option. This will pop up a menu. On the left side of the menu select Desktop and save the file with a name that you can easily recall. Once you have saved the screenshot you can send an email with the screenshot attached. B Sur Mac: Succes stories. Si l'on charge Download FF gratuit on aura la pub sur le site et pas de support technique. Internet Explorer 8 est sortie en mars Does Windows 8 offer any significant advantages over Windows 7 for the traditional desktop user?

Is the bootup quicker? Is it lighter-weight, freeing up RAM for applications? Is it more secure, faster, better? Does Windows 8 offer any material improvement in usability or efficiency over Windows 7 for the desktop user who has no desire for a touch screen, or indeed does it have any advantage that might warrant its installation as a replacement OS on a desktop or laptop other than the sharing of the user interface with touch-screen devices?

As a society keep migrating further and further towards mobile platforms which Microsoft has been hard pressed to compete in at all over the years, Windows 8 is nothing more than their attempt to try and capture some of that market share. My personal take is that Windows 8 is designed for children with touchscreens rather than professionals with workloads. If you are comfortable with using a mouse rather than a touch screen I'd strongly suggest you stick with Windows 7, or if you want to move onto something new give Linux a try. I have a feeling with Windows 8 this will be one of Microsoft's "bad" windows releases.

They have organised it mainly for a touchscreen and if you can't get used to a touchscreen dont take it. Look at the pattern of Microsoft Windows releases in the past. How Windows 8 is going to join that pattern? In the past you've had a bad version of Windows followed by a version with major improvements and exactly what the public asked for although why they didn't release that version in the first place is beyond me, I suppose it makes them more money 'cos they get to sell two versions Windows 3. As for people predicting that if MS mess this one up this could be the end for them.

I really can't see that, Bill Gates has got more than enough money to keep the company going and still gets a lot of money from products like Microsoft Office, even with rival Office packages like Google Docs, or OpenOffice, Microsoft Office is still very popular. Plus Microsoft has other sections of the business that continue to support the rest of the business, such as the X-Box brand. I think that at worse if 8 does flop Microsoft might just do a Windows 9 which will give the people exactly what they want as they have done in the past.

Also thanks to PC manufacturers Windows 8 is being kind of a success anyway, because most major PC manufacturers are all pushing Windows 8 at customers regardless of whether it's any good or not for them, the same way they did with Vista - Buy your new Windows 8 PC now, stay up to date and get Windows 8, and all this so Microsoft don't even need to sell it, and in the worst case scenario what are your other options - Tablet - still not quite to PC level yet with abilities, Chrome Box - again still not quite there, or Linux - not bad but can be quite tricky especially with all the confusing installation methods and various package options RPM, TAR, GZ, etc and dependencies it's not quite as simple as Windows one executable file that works on all versions of Windows and does all the installtion for you including dependencies.

Source November http: Pour les entreprises c oui, pour les particuliers c non.

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Il y a fois moins de risques sous Windows 8. Atelier web: La recherche sur le net Florent Dufaux, florent. Aujourd'hui 9. Que sont les Annonces Google? Les annonces Google proviennent de la base d'annonceurs Google AdWords. Recherches Google - Principes de base - Recherche simple. Autrement dit, Google utilise les mots exactement tels que vous les entrez dans le champ de recherche. Si vous faites une recherche Google avec les trois mots: Donc, si je fais une recherche avec guillemets tel que: Mai Un commentaire: Il faut laissez un peu le temps aux serveurs mails de mouliner leurs envois.

Pour qualifier le pirate: Avril Les cookies sont des marques de votre passage sur les sites internet. A cookie is a small piece of information that allows any particular website to communicate with your computer. Where do cookies come from? They come from each web site you visit. Third party cookies can come from sites that you do not visit but come through them.

What purpose do they serve? They allow websites to communicate with your computer in order to render web pages and allow you to do certain things on them such as logging in, personalizing them to look the way you please, performing financial transactions Are cookies dangerous? No and yes. No they are not dangerous to your computer. Yes, they are "dangerous" to your privacy because some cookies are used to track your every move on the internet. For instance, advertisers use them to collect information about you so they can deliver advertising to you that they think will interest you.

For more details on this you may choose to read an article http: It explains in detail some types of cookies, what they do and how they are used. How to manage cookies? I regularly delete them by using CCleaner every evening just before shutting my computer off for the night. Yes this does make it so that I have to remember all my passwords and manually log in to all of my internet accounts but that is a small price to pay for the added security that it affords and the smoother operation of my computer that it allows.

All About Cookies has a very good article http: You may want to read it. Hypertext Preprocessor. In short: CSS - Is used to add more design flexibility to web pages distance between images, borders, shadows, effects. PHP - Is used to enable dynamic pages that react to user's behavior and can store and use information from databases. Bons et mauvais annuaires? Il faut remplir la balise Keywords.

Parler de votre site. Je connais un taxi, il a un site plaquette. Les trucs habituels: Obtenir des backlinks venant de sites connexes 5. Faire vivre son site 6. C qui est mauvais: On dirait un manchot au pays des pandas! En d'autres termes: Si on change souvent le site est-ce que ca avantage la selection? Or le webmaster ne peut pas controler tous les backlinks. Cette concurrence existe malheureusement. Punissable par la loi donc Pour plus voir: La situation est similaire pour les musiques.

Les logiciels fonctionnant sous Mac OSX sont assez rares et plus chers. S'il fonctionne correctement essayez un autre modem. Le nom du site, par exemple anibis, google Ce qui nous donne dans notre exemple "www. Il faut changer tous ces mots de passe et avertir le site officiel. Ne jamais transmettre son mot de passe par email. Be Afraid Be Very Afraid: The right weapons to deal with spam and phishing by Lee Koo http: Spammers collect email addresses from chat rooms, websites, customer lists, newsgroups, and viruses which harvest users' address books and are sold to other spammers.

There is a practice known as "email appending" or "epending" that uses known information such as postal address to search for a target email. Communications purporting qui paraissent to be from popular social websites, auction sites, online payment processors and the like. In short Phishing can morph into Spam and Spam can morph into Phishing. Forms of protection from Spam and Phishing come in many varieties just to name a few: Passive protection found in web browsers IE9, FireFox, Chrome, Safari via App Store , Opera etc that use a community based rating system to warn against suspicious sites.

Active Protection found in Spam and Phishing protective services like Barracudanetworks. However, use of any preventive product or service is of little help if the user doesn't practice safe computing. Here's a short list: Watch out for "phishy" emails. The most common form of phishing is emails pretending to be from a legitimate retailer, bank, organization, or government agency. Don't click on links within emails that ask for your personal information.

IBM Support: Fix Central - Please wait, Select fixes

Beware of "pharming. When you type in the address of a legitimate Web site, you're taken to a fake copy of the site without realizing it. Never enter your personal information in a pop-up screen. Only open email attachments if you're expecting them and know what they contain. Know that phishing can also happen by phone. You may get a call from someone. Pretending to be from a company or government agency, making the same kinds of false claims and asking for your personal information. If someone contacts you and says you've been a victim of fraud, verify the person's identity before you provide any personal information.

Job seekers should also be careful. Some phishers target people who list themselves on job search sites. Report phishing, whether you're a victim or not. Tell the company or agency that the phisher was impersonating se fair passer pour. Take action immediately if you've been hooked by a phisher. If you provided account numbers, PINS, or passwords to a phisher, notify the companies with whom you have the accounts right away. Be sure to uncheck the boxes and opt-out if you don't want to receive any communications. Even legitimate retailers count on you not unchecking the boxes to opt-out.

Lastly, this is worth repeating again: Protect your computer with spam filters, anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and a firewall, and keep them up to date. ChZ Source: Le paiement doit intervenir dans les trois jours ou le prix double.

Test du MacBook 12" début 2016 Core m7 (1,3 GHz)

For this you will be handsomely rewarded, they say. At some point the emailer will ask you for money, for bank fees, or something like that. Don't reply to any email that promises you money. They will often set up a fake website, or email you with a request for a charitable donation to the cause, pulling on your heartstrings. Always check to see if the charity is real. Don't take their word for it. The friend asks for money because they are all alone in a strange country with nothing. The email account has been hacked by malware, though.

If you send any money it won't be going to your friend. If you click on the link it will tell you to update your media player. This update is actually a virus. Don't accept software updates from emails. The word pre-approved should send alarm bells ringing. Then you will never hear from the credit card company again. You should call your relative to make sure they are fine, to put your mind at ease. They will ask for a deposit by credit card and a wire transfer for the purchase. Often, elderly people are taken in by this wicked scam.

Only make investments via reputable companies and talk to an accountant if possible. Some, however, are designed in order to steal your internet passwords, bank details and internet history. Watch out for this. If you don't want to take a survey, try to close the window on your browser. If these adorable new friends start asking for money they probably are not for real. Always exercise caution when making friendships online. The tickets get paid for, but the event does not exist.

Do some research before you attend a festival. Does anybody else know anything about it? How did it go last year? So you may receive a message from someone you know requesting money or something like that. Always call the person on the telephone - not via the Facebook account - to verify the request. If you do, some criminal has just got them. Do not respond to a message from a bank. Call the number on the back of your bank card and speak to them directly to see if there is a problem with your account.

They could be using your phone number to charge your phone account quite a lot of money. It may say that if you donate a small amount of money he'll eat today. Yet the money is not going to him at all, but some scammer. Always check that the charity you donate to is a registered one. Remember they may be giving a fake charity number, so do a proper search. This type of scam is extremely common. The house itself, or car etc, may be for sale, but not with the person you are dealing with - they have just stolen the photo.

If you never get to see it yourself, and they request an up-front deposit, don't pay a dime. It's a con. It offers you a free scan and tells you you should purchase or download their antivirus program. It could be theft or simply a clever virus, either way, avoid it. If you are in the market for a good antivirus program, do some research. All they ask is a fee and that you answer a multiple choice quiz. These exams are not real and they are simply designed to make money. If you want a high school diploma, contact an educational institution that you have heard of.

If you see some too good to be true deals for top hotels or luxury flights then you may be on to something. Either they are totally fake, or are loaded with so many hidden costs that you will be paying more than you bargained for. Stick to trusted websites and travel agents. If you don't pay up you will be arrested. They offer you a quick solution. Simply purchase a gift card at Amazon or iTunes and read the code to them, they ask. Of course they are not from the IRS, who will never call you before you call them.

They will call claiming a relative of yours is in police custody.

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They will demand a bail caution payment from you to be placed on a pre-paid card, and ask that you provide the card's secret code. The police won't ask you for money like this. Hang up and call the police yourself to make sure. Work from home set-up scam: You will see what seems to be testimony from someone on social media, or as a comment on an article.

The person will claim it's easy to make money working from home. They will want you to pay a large fee and they will promise to provide you with all you need to start up your home business. It's just a con. The 'kidnapper' will ask you to pay up, or else. This is a common scam perpetrated on Facebook and other similar places, so you should not believe it. Call your loved one to check all is well. Once you have given your password and account number they are happy, but you won't be. Be very careful with internet banking.

If you have doubts, close the window and go to the bank's website directly. Check the information you have from the bank and take the URL from there. Les informations ne furent pas mises en ligne. Juin Janvier L'objectif du fraudeur: Le but: Comment les distinguer: Le piratage: Les transferts d'argent bien connus aujourd'hui, il arrive encore que certaines personnes se laissent arnaquer: Des programmes d'investissement: Le mieux: Et aussi: Voici quelques conseils simples.

Si une personne suspecte vous demande de saisir vos informations personnelles dans un formulaire, ne le faites surtout pas. Les navigateurs les plus courants sont: Signaler des messages suspects et des arnaques. La plupart des fournisseurs de messagerie, y compris Gmail, vous permettent de le faire. In reply to: Why am I getting another person's emails in Gmail? In Gmail the punctuation used in the naming convention is ignored. If you have Johnny. Good gmail. No one else can use any variation of johndoe gmail.

What you should do when you can be sure that it's not SPAM: When you receive those miss-addressed e-mails you should politely reply to the sender telling them about the error and asking them to get the correct address. It usualy work. You can add a request to the other person to contact you or to the original sender to transmit the corrected address back to you. That way, you can directly give the intended address if you get some other messages. Want to check, do this simple trick: The other guy has the same name as yours Jonny Myth but his email address is not jonnymyth gmail.

Unfortunately, his careless family and contacts think it is, and they're writing to him at your email address, not to his proper email address. But your contacts are not using his address. He's not getting your mail. You're getting all your mail. So there's no need to change your email address. When constructing an email there are 3 types of recipients.

The first is the recipient that you are sending the email to. Their name appears in the To line. The second are the ones in the CC Carbon Copy line. The CC list is those recipients that you want to keep informed of what is going on. These folks will appear on the CC line of an email and will be included in responses from the recipient in the To line or they may choose to respond to the email as well. Now the scam comes into play.

Someone creates a factious recipient like crazyperson scamyou. You receive an email that you think is for crazyperson because that is the only field you see. You open the email and perhaps the attachments or click on a link and they got ya. Best thing to do is just delete these emails.

I had a phone that the first three exchange s were one digit off; my number was theirs was so you can imagine all the late night calls I got for a 24 hr grocery store Pour signaler un courriel ou un site Internet douteux: La belle affaire est bien souvent une belle arnaque. Panda Free Antivirus Source: Il est donc essentiel d'installer un bon antivirus, gratuit ou payant. Parmi les gratuits, les plus reconnus sont Avast et AVG. Spywares, chevaux de Troie: Pour les traquer et les supprimer, il vous suffit d'installer un anti-spyware comme Ad-Aware ou Spybot.

Autre risque: Pour plus de renseignements sur les risques d'Internet, rendez-vous sur le site internetsanscrainte. Leur seul point commun: Renseignez-vous avant sur son profil et sur sa photo. Les faux profils utilisent souvent des photos tout droit sorties d'un catalogue de vente par correspondance. En effet, les fautes de frappe servent les escrocs: Sinon, passez votre chemin.

Enfin, faites attention aux conditions d'installation et d'utilisation. The report is based on data from the Global Intelligence Network, which Symantec's analysts use to identify, analyze, and provide commentary on emerging trends in attacks, malicious code activity, phishing, and spam. Here are some highlights from the threat landscape of Symantec blocked a total of over 5.

Mobile vulnerabilities continued to rise, with discovered in Un prix vraiment trop attractif: L'URL doit commencer par http s: Pas de support technique. CD-ROM uniquement. Il s'agit certainement d'une fraude. Pour payer le transporteur vous versez l'argent 5. Portez plainte! Ce questionnaire renferme 5 cases: This scam arnaque has been around for years - basically, you get an unsolicited email from a company claiming to be a domain registrar in China it is usually China that says that someone is trying to register a domain similar to one that you already own.

The idea is that the recipient will panic and buy an overpriced and basically worthless domain from them. If you are worried about domain poaching braconnage , then usually the best place to start is your own domain registrar or another well-known reliable vendor, rather than responding to this unsolicited approach. John john. Urgent notice of Intellectual Property protection Dear Manager: This email is from China domain name registration center, which mainly deal with the domain name registration and dispute internationally in China and Asia.

On April 21st It is china and Asia domain names. But after checking we find this domain name conflict with your company, in order to deal with this matter better, so we send you email, and want to confirm whether this company is your distributor or business partner in China? I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Best Regards, John Oversea marketing manager Office: How safe is it to click on "install updates" when pop-ups appear from Microsoft, Adobe, Java, and the many other software providers who know you have their product?

What prevents hackers from using look-alike pop-ups to infect with malware? Pourquoi le faire alors? Ceci ne se fait pas sans casse, et certaines pages s'affichent bizarrement, ou pas du tout, si le dialecte n'est pas bien suivi. Par exemple:. Les documents HTML doivent tous avoir une structure minimale. Un grand nombre de balises prennent des attributs. Quand votre page se retrouvera dans les favoris de quelqu'un, cette personne sera incapable de savoir de quelle page il s'agit rien qu'en regardant le nom. Tout le corps de notre document est dans la partie body.

Prenez le texte ci-dessous, copiez-le, et collez-le dans la page vide ou bien tapez-le. Puis, utilisez la fonction Fichier Enregistrer sous , et enregistrez le sous le nom bonjour. On remarque qu'il n'y en a aucune. Donc moins facilement modifiable, augmentable, corrigible. Prenez votre traitement de texte favoris. Appelez ce fichier bonjour1. Vous voyez que le fichier contient un nombre beaucoup plus important de lignes. Pour choisir, le mieux est de tester. On voit que le HTML propose plusieurs espaces: Imaginez que vous vouliez afficher du code HTML sur votre page.

La balise p indique bien un paragraphe nature de la portion de texte et non pas un saut de ligne forme. On ne doit pas mettre de paragraphe vide. Voir ci-dessous pour avoir un blanc vertical plus grand.

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Rappelez-vous que le HTML concerne la description de contenu et pas la mise en forme. On peut utiliser em et strong pour l'italique et le gras, et le CSS pour le reste:. Si ce fichier est une page HTML ou un fichier texte. C'est le cas notamment des formats d'images les plus courants.

C'est le cas notamment d'Adobe Reader 6. On a ici deux types d'adresses: Si l'ancre se trouve sur la page actuelle, il ne faut pas noter l'adresse de la page. Donc ici vers www. Nous avons vu que l'attribut href peut contenir autre chose que l'adresse d'une page Web. La balise img peut avoir divers attributs facultatifs. Seuls les attributs src et alt sont obligatoires. On peut utiliser une adresse absolue ou relative. Par ailleurs, le fait que l'on utilise l'objet original n'implique pas un respect du droit d'auteur: Donc, si par exemple notre page web est http: L'attribut title doit contenir une information optionnelle sur l'image, ou reproduire l'attribut alt: Les navigateurs affichent cette information dans une info bulle:.

Le fait d'indiquer les deux dimensions peut faciliter l'affichage: Pour cela:. Ce code donnera quelque chose comme:. Comme toutes les balises, la balise table peut avoir des attributs. Les balises de groupement permettent comme leur nom l'indique de grouper des cellules entre elles suivant leur nature.

Le principal attribut de colgroup est span , qui indique le nombre de colonnes faisant partie du groupe. Il est possible de fusionner des cellules entre elles en utilisant des attributs de la balise td. Ces deux attributs prennent la valeur correspondant aux nombres de cellules que l'on souhaite fusionner. Sans l'utilisation de cet encodage, un champ fichier n'envoie que le nom du fichier au serveur, sans son contenu.

De plus, un clic sur un label donne le focus au champ correspondant. On doit placer cette balise dans un bloc de fieldset.