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  3. Performance doesn’t disappoint, but lack of strong software support does.
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Performance of double-precision operations if GPU is capable.

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News Release 0. CUDA run-time 6. CUDA run-time 5. Minor fixes and improvements. Better support of Windows 8. Multiple bugfixes for all platforms.


NVIDIA CUDA 8.0 for MAC OS X release

Add GK11x support. Add new Heavy Load Test Mode. The CUDA test will run on all multiprocessors. Fix big total memory size bug Bug: Fix host to device bandwidth calculation Bug: Several graphic updates. Add driver and runtime version readout. Add new informations. Add MacOSX release. Multiple bugfixes. FAQ Q: CUDA-Z crashes. I have a question Gimme code! It has a decent power supply, watts. However, it provides only watts to each video card, or a total of watts.

Nvidia Tesla On Mac OS X | Hackintosh Hardware

The cheese grater case was simply not designed for a pair of high-end GPUs. PCIe 4.

That sounds promising, but how many high-end GPUs will it support? Maybe two, if you fiddle with it? Three GPUs in a computer might seem ridiculous. Amongst the single digit percentage of Mac customers who buy a Mac Pro, an even smaller fraction would need more than two GPUs.

But if one came up, a person might claim that no one legitimately needs more than two GPUs. Then a person would be wrong.

Performance doesn’t disappoint, but lack of strong software support does.

That is, suppose you train a neural net to recognize cats, but your training data consists of photos where all the cats are sitting upright. Your program will handle these kinds of differences better if you augment the training set by adding rotated and resized copies of the originals.

In a notable example, Baidu Research made a breakthrough in speech recognition, aided by layering noise over their initial data set. But then they had 14 times more data, which takes that much longer to process. A few years ago Baidu used 8 GPUs. More recently they reported working with as many as 40 or GPUs. I bought just one GPU.


But knowing that I might need to add more, I made sure that the PC would be able to take up to four. To my surprise, many computers cannot support two GPUs at full bandwidth, and most cannot support more than two. I literally paid extra for expandability itself. High-speed expansion slots provide the ability to upgrade computing power in whatever form it takes in the future.

Or fast storage.

Hands-on: MacBook Pro + GTX 1080 Ti eGPU = POWER!

Computer manufacturers generally do not sell a single line of desktop computers with different cases. It has value. You can put a price on it. Probably, at least Nervana and Groq are working on that. In the meantime, GPUs have versatility that make them useful for the foreseeable future. Maybe, but then you might just get more ASICs on each expansion card.

The motherboard has two PCIe switches which each can multiplex 16 lanes of signal from the CPU to 32 lanes for two slots.