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  1. The Best Free PowerPoint Presentation Templates You Will Ever Find Online | Present Better
  2. PowerPoint Templates for Mac – Free Sample, Example, Format Download!
  3. Need to create a chart? Use these PowerPoint templates
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You can download the files in ZIP format and there is no registration required. Just be careful if you get thrown over to their sister site SlideModel because those are not free presentations. This website has some really nice looking templates in Widescreen or Standard format. You can download them without any registration.

The Best Free PowerPoint Presentation Templates You Will Ever Find Online | Present Better

Categories include business, finance, nature and travel. Besides templates, the site offers free charts, diagrams, icons and music loops. Basically anything needed for a great PowerPoint presentation can be found here.

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All the other templates on the site cost money. If you want to download the template, you either have to register or you have to give the site a Facebook like or a tweet. There are a lot of sites out there with lots of templates, but most of the templates are terrible looking. In order to download you have to add the item to your cart and then register for an account. This website has about free templates you can download and most of them are very unique. Click on the little download icon and then register in order to complete the download.

Hopefully, browsing these sites should give you enough templates to choose from for your presentation. For theaters and theater clubs, when it comes time to raise awareness and fundraising dollars, this Slidehunter theater template will give you everything you need to make an artful impression. You can also use it to display your cast list, upcoming shows, and any other key pieces of information.

Perfect for teachers, this animated hourglass timer template is a fun way to motivate your students to complete their activities within the time limit you set. The next set of templates is perfect for bringing out your inner photographer.

How to Download and Install a PowerPoint Template

Use this sailboat template to conjure up thoughts of sun-soaked beach vacations for your audience. This cactus template is perfect for botany students and businesses making presentations about the desert or the American southwest. Its cool, pleasing colors also make an interesting backdrop. The fiery reds and deep orange colors give off a completely different vibe than those cactus designs but deliver the same high impact.

This light and airy cloud background template is perfect for science presentations, nature conservation groups, and businesses related to sleep, weather, and so much more. And with the blue and white color scheme, your presentation will look as crisp as the skyscrapers in the background.

PowerPoint Templates for Mac – Free Sample, Example, Format Download!

If the blue and white colors in that cityscape template are a little bland for your liking, consider using this bright sunflower one instead. This fisherman PowerPoint template uses the same strategy as the sunflower one: The next group of templates uses modern designs, many of which are illustrated, to give a polished and sophisticated feel to your presentations. For readers with data-heavy presentations, this Thaliard PowerPoint template is for you. This fun and feminine PowerPoint template balances a handwritten-style font with a light and airy color palette in millennial pink to create a classically beautiful design for the modern gal.

This brush strokes PowerPoint template features an abstract design in hues of pink, purple and blue. Similar to the above but using a cool color palette of seafoam greens and blues, this brush strokes template is sure to make a statement. This eye-catching template features a modern, flat design of rolling hills and trees. Use it as the backdrop of your next environmentally friendly presentation.

Need to create a chart? Use these PowerPoint templates

A twist on the above template, this dark-themed nature template gives you a muted, classic option if you prefer something less bright. This template is not for the shy or timid since it will get your presentation noticed. With bright, vibrant pinks, oranges, and greens, your intel is sure to stand out.

And if the bright colors in the previous template are too much for you, this template may be a better option. With its soft yellow color and its use of retro shapes in vintage colors, you wind up with a light, fun presentation suitable for most applications. This gold sparkle PowerPoint template is great for creating a simple design that focuses on your information.

Since the background is a dark navy color, the white text will pop and be clearer to see. This free template by Daniela Trony features a blue gradient theme throughout, with plenty of opportunities to display your Instagram worthy photos. This template is perfect for presentations where you want your images to speak more than words.

This beautiful island destination template will help your audience imagine a relaxing time on a tropical island. Use it for presentations on your resort, destination weddings, and travel services. This sweet hare background is great for both springtime presentations and animal or outdoor related ones. For beach and underwater-themed presentations, or if you just prefer sea turtles over land animals, this free template featuring bright turquoise colors is sure to please any crowd. Not only is the image of the horse striking, but so is the background. The mood is festive and fun during the Christmas and holiday season so your presentations should be too.

So add these next two free PowerPoint templates to your wish list. Spread some holiday cheer with this photo card template. Our team of experts will help you either brush up or completely redesign your slides, all while making sure your company branding sticks! Those who say Nay are actually saying no to the basic, outdated, and overall terrible-looking PowerPoint templates they find on the PowerPoint dashboard itself.

First, open up PowerPoint on your computer. Do any of these templates look familiar to you? With that said, my point is that not all templates are created equal.

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Now, you know that not all free templates are ugly. So, now you know the power of using PPT templates for your presentation. How do you get your hands on them? Well, there are generally 3 options:. Option 1. Download free PowerPoint templates from sites like 24Templates and SlidesCarnival more on this in the next section. Option 2.

Option 3.

Free Accounting PowerPoint Template for Mac

Alternatively, you can hire a good design agency to create custom templates for you. The quality between free and premium templates vary greatly. Of course, premium templates come with better support, theme options and an impressive number of layouts and template slides. But nevertheless, free PPT templates are a good starting point more on this below. But the good thing is your template will be custom and tailor-made for you. If the presentation is done correctly, a custom corporate PowerPoint template will open doors for your business.

Scroll down to read where you can find the best free PowerPoint presentation templates online! Of course, the first one on the list is our very own 24Templates. This is our way of providing value and giving back to the global PowerPoint community. We have a few hundred templates available for download now. You can use this free PowerPoint timeline template to present timelines and roadmaps for both business and non-business presentations. You can add your logo on the lower left section of the slide, though of course, you can move it around somewhere else.

If you want to reveal trends or progress over a specific period of time, you can use a line graph like you see in the screenshot above. The graph is divided into 4 quarters. You can rename and edit as you see fit. You can easily customize this free template to suit your situation.

You can add a simple animation while you go from one point to the next so your audience can follow along and understand your sales process. You can add up to 7 points in the flowchart. When marketing your products or your services, you need to convince your audience of why they need to choose your brand and not your competitor. You can use this template to compare your product or service to your competitors.

That way, your audience can easily spot the best from the rest. Alternatively, you can also use this template to list down your product features or components and maybe break down product costs. While these slides are originally designed to illustrate the distribution of tasks, these are generic enough to be applied to many contexts. You can use this as an academic presentation PowerPoint template or maybe even in conferences and seminars.