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SUPER is free and has tons of features, as does handbrake, although neither are very user friendly. If your goal is to convert from most any video format into MP4 then I would recommend Handbrake which is free. It'll do anything except WMV, since that's a Microsoft proprietary format. Back when I travelled with an iPad I used this program exclusively and it worked for nearly every single type of video I wanted to convert, and it worked quickly on a good quad core.

I even wrote Powershell scripts to automatically call it from command line as I'd get new videos to watch. In terms of core functionality, I'm not aware of any paid apps that are significantly better than Handbrake. There are tons of video converter programs available on the net, both free and paid options. The most expensive tools may be not the best for your case. Instead I prefer to use the simplest one such as Video Converter Assist http: It can meet my needs and I just need to pay a few bucks. Before using this program, I have also checked out many free ones, but most of them include lots of ad plugins that are not safe.

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Anymore suggestions out there? Three or four temporary files were always present in the output folder during the conversion, suggesting to us that Prism was making full use of our processor cores and assigning a video to each one. A look in task manager confirmed our cores were all busily working. Thankfully, the certification process only involves a click. The online help pages are as functional and free of fluff as Prism itself.

Best Video Converter 12222: Switch Formats by Pressing a Button

Only paying customers get full support, though. There is a forum, but only three threads were created in as of September, so it is far from comprehensive.

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Prism is available in free or paid form. The free version has fewer formats available and is for non-commercial use only, so no becoming a YouTube superstar unless you fork over the money for the full version. Overall, we enjoyed using Prism. It is good enough for amateur use and offers plenty of options and filters to get creative.

On the downside, it is basic looking and lacks the slick presentation of other programs. The install adds several Adobe components to your system. A hard-to-remove Creative Cloud folder is added to the left of your explorer window, in addition to services that run on startup. It is professional looking with small user interface controls and options galore. You can work with local data or projects stored on Creative Cloud.

Cloud storage has plenty of benefits, so that is nice to have. Its help system includes many how-to guides and video tutorials. In a sense, you benefit from the extra resources thrown at the whole software suite. Media Encoder allows you to use GPU-accelerated rendering if you need the extra horsepower. Our smartphone video took Media Encoder managed to orient the output video correctly and the quality looked good, too. The screen capture conversion took Converting a x , 20MB.

Playback stuttered a couple of times in the output video, though.

Online-Convert: A Simple Online Solution (Web Browser)

Clicking on the blue text under each video on the main screen brings up the export settings screen, which is where you can tune your output. A wide selection of formats that go up to p 4K are available. The GoPro CineForm codec is available, too. Designed for digital intermediate workflows, it is useful for professionals working on high-resolution video. There are over 30 output options, which are sorted according to use. For example, you can target mobile devices or YouTube playback. The effects options are similarly comprehensive. You can add a watermark and select its opacity. Text can be added, too.

There is also a log you can look at for information about the conversion. It is useful if anything goes wrong, or if you want to confirm technical details after creating your video. You can only get Adobe Media Encoder as part of the Creative Cloud suite, which is one of its few drawbacks. You get many applications for that, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Animate and others, in addition to the video converter. It has over 20 applications, along with GB of cloud storage.

The Adobe suite is full of goodies for creative professionals, too, and many are free. The individual plans are a good fit for people doing regular video work or any media production, as Adobe ran the race on our best photo editing software. People who want to convert a few videos now and then might be better off with something cheaper, though. Installation seemed smooth enough. We got a default application pop-up from Windows at the end of the process, then got sent to a browser registration page. The main screen is big and bright with several large, clearly-marked buttons with labels explaining what they do.

That said, if you use the free version of Freemake, its logo is added to your videos. As a free tool, its output is essentially unusable.

Need to convert video in a flash? These free apps and services will do the job

Converting the smartphone video took When we adjusted the settings to match those used in other tests, it took Unfortunately, the smartphone output was not corrected. The quality was good, though, and the scale was maintained. Our larger video took When reducing those to match our standard test settings, it took Freemake was among the slowest tools we tested, alongside HandBrake, below.

Handbrake: The Best Choice for Most People (Windows, macOS, Linux)

The highest output dimension we could set was x Closing the free version of the application resulted in no less than two pop-ups asking us to buy the thing before we could escape. We also saw adverts in the bottom right of our screen on start-up and found a Freemake service running in the background. That was removed when we uninstalled the software, thankfully. Overall, Freemake Video Converter is simple to use and quick to convert videos. Its default settings give good results and there are plenty of options for tuning.

Some have paid versions, but we are rating them based on their free offerings. We rated HandBrake as the top free tool, largely due to its lack of advertising. DivX and Any Video Convertor let us down in that regard, but remain good tools with plenty to like. HandBrake is a free and open source video converter for Windows, Mac and Linux. Besides online options, it is the only Linux offering on our list. Luckily for members of Team Penguin, it is a very usable tool. Downloading and installing it is as simple as can be.

It took around a minute, and no adverts or misleading installer screens got in the way. Its layout is functional, rather than attractive, so there are many options. The settings include all the basics, as well as options for advanced users. When you add a video, a tabbed display appears showing you information about the video, audio and dimensions.

There is a subtitle tab that enables you to add your own tracks and view what is there already. A chapter tab lets you create and name chapters, which is useful if you want to make a DVD. HandBrake offers several filters, such as sharpening, denoise, deinterlace and grayscale, if you want to refine your output further. When selecting output formats, there are plenty of options available and they are sensibly laid out.

The highest resolution available is p. In addition to the usual choice of dimensions, Handbrake allows you to crop your output. Our first conversion of the screen capture at the default settings took We changed the bit rate settings and frame rate to match those used in other tests. HandBrake uses its bitrate setting is an average target rather than the limit. We had trouble setting the output format to.

The default extension is. After changing the settings, the video took The only container formats available are. As an alternate test, we tried converting our. Output quality was perfect and it got the orientation of the source video correct. Trying to convert our. With its lack of ads and pop-ups, HandBrake is a refreshing alternative to some of the free options out there. Though less slick than its competitors, it does its job well. It has many options and also runs on Linux. DivX Converter claims to offer free encoding at resolutions up to 4K.

On setup, it offered to install a couple of other DivX tools, then gave us the chance to install its bundled software. As with Any Video Converter, the bundleware page was in our regional language, rather than English. It asked for our email address next, which, as much as we love spam, we declined to provide. We got sent to an ad page for the Pro version afterwards. Once we started the application, there was another ad for the Pro version. The third time around, it was presented on behalf of a video pack. The main screen has a slick, living-room-hardware aesthetic with key buttons clearly labeled.

When converting, DivX allows you to select an output profile, which is essentially picking from a list of devices with a few settings next to their names. You can output to several formats using this method, but not, for example,. There is a video options button that lets you change your output size and bitrate and a similar button for audio settings, but no obvious means of specifying the output format.

DivX succeeded where the other two free options failed and returned our smartphone video in the correct orientation. It achieved this small miracle by automatically selecting a rotate option in its settings, so it is clearly an issue with cellphone videos that DivX is smart enough to detect and fix. It took Converting the larger.

Convert Any Video Into 4K?!- Best Video Converter For PC And Mac.

After reducing the bitrate, it took The file size was less than half that of the higher quality version, though. DivX is well-suited to use with cloud storage. Its output can be saved directly to Dropbox or Google Drive. That said, without the upgrade, DivX is a good, free tool for converting video. It is light on format options, though.

Any Video Converter is a quick download that claims to be free of ads, spyware and malware. When installing, it defaulted to our local language, rather than our system language, but it was easy to switch to English. Our homepage had been changed in all our browsers.

The Best Free Video Converters

On further investigation, we found Any Video Converter had installed extra software. The option for installing it was in the Japanese version of the install screen, which we rolled back from before switching to English your reviewer being based in the Land of the Rising Sun. Weirdly, when we tried installing again with English selected from the beginning of the process, we were given the Japanese optional installer page to deselect. After deselecting it, we were finally able to install the software without its unwanted extras.