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Canvas Basics - How do I accept 3rd party cookies in various web browsers? | UO Libraries

Some websites keep track of your browsing activities when they serve you content, which enables them to tailor what they present to you. You can have Safari ask sites and their third party content providers including advertisers not to track you. By default, Safari accepts cookies and website data only from websites you visit. This helps prevent certain advertisers from storing data on your Mac.

Always block cookies: Chrome has hundreds of different configuration options, so to quickly go to the Cookies settings, type the word "cookie" into the search box and Chrome will filter out options which don't match.

Enable Cookies and JavaScript – Mac OS X

After you've typed "cookie" in the search, there will still be a number of different options listed, so you need to scroll down to the bottom of the settings screen where you will see a section named Content settings. Now that you've gone into the Content settings section, you'll see the first option there is Cookies. You'll notice that it's still highlighted yellow due to your search for it. Click it to see your Cookies settings.

Enabling Third-Party Cookies on Web Browsers

Choose your preferred Cookies settings You can now change your Cookies setting to what you want. Typically especially if you are already following this guide! This will allow websites to store cookies and other data! If you want to disable cookies the set that option to Off slid to the left and greyed out.

An possibilty to consider is keeping cookies enabled but also turning on " Keep local data only until you quit your browser ". This will allow normal cookie functionality eg. If you are having trouble logging into your Google Account due to cookies issue, restart your Chrome browser while ensuring that cookies are enabled. If the issue persists, update Chrome to the latest version or try reinstalling Google Chrome.

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How long do cookies get saved on my computer? Cookies are saved up to 90 days on your computer. You just learned how to allow cookies in Google Chrome. We hoped that this article helped you have a better browsing experience in general. If you have questions about any of the steps above, let us know in the comments.

How to Enable Cookies on Google Chrome (Mac Users)

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Chrome Versions 23 and Newer

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