Mac to pc file transfer using ethernet cable


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  4. Transfer Files Between Mac & Windows Using Ethernet

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Frenzy Designs Honorable. Apr 23, 33 0 10, 0. Have you ever wanted to share files that are on your Mac with your Windows PC but have no USB or external storage, well look no further because all you need is any Ethernet Cable and you will be good to go.

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Ethernet Cable. Windows PC.

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Apple Mac Computer. Basic understanding of both Operating Systems.

File Transfer between Apple Mac and Windows PC-5 minute setup

Step 3 You should see a range of Network connections, There should be a network named Local Area Connection, double click on Local Area Connection and a window should come up with the general information. Click on the Details Button.

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Step 4 There should be a line that says "Autoconfiguration IPv4 add" for now, just remember that. At this point you should choose the file or folder that you would like to share with your Mac.

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  4. At this time another window should pop up saying "Connect to a Server" all you need to do is enter "smb: Step 6 You should now be able to access and share files between both Computers. Then click on Advance Sharing.

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    Check mark, share this folder. Click on Permissions. Click on Add. Type in the name of the user account. Then click on Check Names. Click on Ok. Once this is done, go to security and make sure the user account you shared the folder with has the right permissions. Click here to cancel reply.

    Transfer Files Between Mac & Windows Using Ethernet - Techie Sparks

    You must be login to post a comment. Log in now. Procedure Ethernet — First we will need an Ethernet Cable i. I have Cat 5e. One end of the Ethernet cable has to be connected to the Mac and the other end needs to be connected to Windows PC. I will use Windows 8. Go to Network and Sharing Center. Click on the Change Advance Sharing Settings. Turn on Network Discovery and File Sharing.

    Transfer Files Between Mac & Windows Using Ethernet

    Click on Change Adapter Settings and make sure that Wi-fi is disabled. I have two network cards. One is labelled Local Area Connection and other is Ethernet. I will use Ethernet for demonstration.